Rolo Pencil

Most people make these as teacher’s gifts.  As you can see, I made a regular color pencil and Halloween themed ones. I plan to give these babies out at my Crop in October.  The Rollo pencil is pretty easy to make; therefore I don’t think you will have any problems using these instructions even though a picture illustrations is not included.  Should you run into problems, you may check out this Youtube video by Scrappin with My Bug. 

The following items are needed for each pencil:

·       3 ½” x 4 ¾” Cardstock or design paper (use yellow cardstock or paper for regular pencil)

·       3 ½” x ½” Cardstock for body of the eraser (use pink for regular pencil eraser)

·       7/8” cardstock circle for the eraser head.  (use pink for regular pencil eraser)

7/8” is equivalent to .875” if you decide to you your Gypsy to layout your cuts to use  your Cricut machine or you can use a nickel to draw your circle and cut it out with scissors.

·       3 ½” length of metallic ribbon or aluminum foil.

·       Zig zag scissors

·       Paper crimper or score tool

·       Adhesive of your choice

·       1 Role of Rolo

·       1 Hershey Kiss    

First, take your cardstock and put the 4 ¾” side into the crimper and crimp.  If you do not have a crimper, you can score the cardstock at every ¼” until it is fully scored from end to end.  You may also crimp or score your metallic ribbon. 

Next, trim one of the 3 ½” ends of the cardstock  with zig zag scissors.
Apply adhesive to the cardstock and roll it around the Rolo keeping the zig zag closed to the edge of the Rolo.  You will have some of the Rolo showing on the other end.  Wrap and adhere the 3 ½” x ½” cardstock around the end of the Rolo that is still showing to make the side of the eraser.

Next, cover and adhere that same end with the 7/8” circle to complete the eraser.  Wrap and adhere the ribbon just under the eraser. 

Lastly, adhere the Hershey Kiss to the other end and cut off the white kiss tag if it is show.  As you can see, I forgot to do that part before I took the picture.  LOL 

I hope you find these instructions useful.  Happy crafting until next time. 




  1. Your rolo pencils are nice! Thank you for sharing all of the details.. They'll be a hit at your crop.

  2. Love this idea!!! I agree with Lela, they would be perfect at a crop